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PADI Freediver

Become a certified PADI Freediver today! Learn the basics and see what you're truly capable of!

Freediving is the art of diving without a tank. Learn the art of breath holding and relaxation techniques to become able to dive deep and experience freediving for yourself.

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PADI Freediver Course Koh Tao Thailand Deep Dive Center Koh Tao Montra

More about our PADI Freediving Course: 

The PADI Freediving course is relatively new, but already has become very popular. We are now offering the PADI Freediving course here at Deep Koh Tao!


The course will teach you freediving theory, and allow you two pool sessions for both static and dynamic apnea. We will also go in the ocean for two sessions including constant weight and free immersion freediving! 


 Our pool is a great place for independent practice when not attending the course (though always do your exercises with a buddy!). You will enjoy learning about free immersion, constant weight, dynamic, and static apnea amoungst other things. The course will also provide you a certification card to become a PADI Freediver! 

Price: 8500 THB

Course Schedule

Day 1: 2:00pm - 5pm 

                  Theory Session with some basic static apnea training in the pool

Day 2: 9:00am - 5pm

                  Morning Dynamic training, and afternoon boat session which will go over free immersion and constant weight freediving with other exercises as well. 

Day 3: 9:00am - 5pm

                  Morning streching, theory, and dry static session with an afternoon boat session for free immersion and constant weight training, with other exercises including diver rescue.

PADI Freediver course koh tao thailand montra deep dive center
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